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I don't even know where to start. Many of you may be wondering what a mountain and a wave have to do with mental health, so here's the story behind that.

I started off this page with the intention to provide a platform for my personal expression as well as yours. The mountain and wave design is actually a tattoo on my left ribcage. I got it tattooed on me during an impulsive episode, however, it's sentiment means more than anything to me.

When I first started receiving treatment for my panic attacks, doctors and therapists would always ask me what my safe place was. They wanted to know where my mind found peace and where my breathe would begin to flow.

I thought of South Lake Tahoe, California. I thought of San Diego, California. Two places in which I call home. Whether it be the mountains or the ocean, these scenic areas held a piece of my heart.

I only hope that #thebeyoutymovement stands as a sense of home for those struggling with mental disorders--especially dissociative anxiety. It's terrifying to constantly feel like you are misplaced and lost.

The mountain and the waves mean home to me, and I would hope that when you associate #thebeyoutymovement, that you find your way home.

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